Under certain conditions, a new industrial chemical may be introduced into Australia without notifying it to NICNAS.


While this provides obvious benefits to industry, the protection of human health and the environment is maintained by reporting and record keeping obligations associated with these exemptions, which are allowable under legislation.


In addition, prior notice of introduction is required when more than 10 kg of chemicals in cosmetic products exempt from notification are introduced.


This year industry advised NICNAS of 133 chemicals being introduced under the less-than-10kg cosmetic exemption and 56 chemicals being introduced under the less-than-100kg non-cosmetic exemption.


Cosmetics containing new chemicals that are exempt from notification must still satisfy the general requirements for cosmetic products.


In 2007-08, NICNAS advised one introducer of the ineligibility of a new chemical for exemption. The chemical, a derivative of a scheduled poison, would have made the product a scheduled poison and was therefore unsuitable for inclusion in a cosmetic.