NICNAS is a statutory scheme located within the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.


Its Director is a statutory office holder with specific functions and powers under the Act.


In exercising these functions, the Director is directly responsible to the Minister for Health and Ageing through the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister.


NICNAS has a three-stream structure, two of which (chemical assessments and regulatory activity, including compliance) undertake activities under the Act. The business management and communication stream supports them.


NICNASís skill base is diverse. Professional qualifications are held by a high proportion of staff.


Three non-statutory committees made up of experts provide advice to NICNAS: the Community Engagement Forum, the Industry Government Consultative Committee and the States and Territories Memorandum of Understanding Group.


Additional information about these groups may be found later in this section.


NICNAS organisational chart


Org chart


Parliamentary Secretary to Minister for Health and Ageing: Senator the Hon Jan McLucas


DIRECTOR: Marion Healy


Regulatory Strategy: Roshini Jayewardene


Notification & Assessment: Hana Hamdan


Existing Chemicals: Sneha Satya


Compliance and Reporting: Nick Walton


Reform: Matthew Gredley (Acting)


Business Strategy and Communication: Nick Miller


IT Business Strategy: Kate Liddell


Communication: John Sawkins


Finance: Marion Sinclair


Office Management: Deanna Kettle


States and Territories Memorandum of Understanding Group


Industry Government Consultative Committee


Community Engagement Forum