NICNAS's outreach strengthened throughout the year with NICNAS staff active in training, awareness raising and information exchange activities such as presentations, conferences, meetings for progressing international harmonisation activities, consultations and similar activities.An overview of these is given at Appendix 13. It was also strengthened through a renewed focus on engagement in all NICNAS's work.


NICNAS held a series of information sessions for registrants as part of its continuing commitment to increasing awareness of its functions as the industrial chemicals regulator, and of the obligations of introducers of industrial chemicals.


Training offered in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, saw an introduction to NICNAS obligations presented to 78 people.


The sessions defined industrial chemicals and covered registration, new and existing chemical requirements, cosmetics regulation, record keeping and reporting. They also detailed NICNASís approach to compliance, including enforcement and penalties under its Act.


Specific training on changes to cosmetics regulations was provided to 168 participants at courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.


Information sessions were held for customs brokers and freight forwarders in Sydney and Brisbane. Although brokers do not introduce relevant industrial chemicals, the sessions assisted them in deciding whether the obligations of the Act are applicable to their clients.


NICNAS will continue to offer such courses to help ensure industry is kept aware of requirements under its Act and any changes to legislation.


A number of consultations were held with individual companies on matters such as registration, permits and online reporting.


Notifier training in new chemicals fundamentals was held in conjunction with a Hazmat conference in Melbourne. This consisted of two half-day workshops catering to both new notifiers and those more experienced in the notification and assessment process.


Their content included presentations from NICNAS and Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts assessors. Interactive sessions were designed to enhance participantsí understanding of choosing a notification category and preparing a new chemical notification package.


Feedback for all training courses was very positive.