Sixteen applications for audited self-assessment for polymers of low concern and no self-assessment non-hazardous polymer or self-assessment non-hazardous chemical applications were received.


This demonstrates that industry is not fully exploiting cost savings and reduced time-to-market by taking advantage of reforms for low regulatory concern chemicals. NICNAS finalised 18 self-assessment certificate applications.


As shown in the following table, it issued 26 renewals for LVC and CEC permits, delivering cost savings to industry through lower fees and less complex applications, a substantial decrease from the 46 renewals issued last year.


Savings to industry from audited self-assessments and permit renewals over three years.






Audited self assessments*




Permit renewals





* In addition to reduced fees, there are savings to industry in having an earlier time to market (28 days instead of 90 days for assessment) that is not estimated in the table.