The NICNAS Service Charter outlines the standards of service that its clients and the public can expect.


In 2007-08 a third online customer survey was conducted to assess NICNAS’s performance against these standards.


Randomly selected organisations were asked to complete the survey; 432 responded.


Each invited company had contacted NICNAS through notification and assessment of new chemicals, review and treaties concerning existing chemicals and Priority Existing Chemicals, registration, Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances searches, general enquiries and/or compliance activities.


Overall, positive feedback was received, indicating that a good level of service had been delivered.


Results included:

          94 per cent of respondents found staff to be helpful and courteous always, or most of the time, compared to 96 per cent in 2006-07

          91 per cent of respondents found their questions and enquiries answered within 28 days, matching the result recorded in 2006-07

          94 per cent of respondents found written explanations clear always, or most of the time, compared to 95 per cent in 2006-07

          93 per cent found that NICNAS provided accurate and consistent information always or most of the time, compared to 91 per cent in 2006-07, and

          56 per cent of respondents indicated that they or their business used the NICNAS website, compared to 58 per cent in 2006-07.