Members of the Community Engagement Forum represent the worker health and safety, public health and environment sectors.

They assist NICNAS in addressing aspects of the communitys information requirements by developing strategies to improve public access to chemical health and safety and environmental standards in the assessment and impact of industrial chemicals.

The forum examined the latest stage of NICNASs Existing Chemicals Review, with members making inputs to the Reviews steering committee and a technical working party.

It also contributed to the Nanotechnology Advisory Group, established more effective means for NICNAS to engage with stakeholders, and participated and advised in a process for the release of various reports.

The forum produced three issues of NICNASs Community Engagement Bulletin, which was forwarded to interested agencies and individuals.

NICNAS Community Engagement Forum, 16 May 2008

(L to R): Dr Liz Hanna (public health), Ms Renata Musolino (worker health and safety), Ms Jane Bremmer (environmental), Mr John Sawkins (NICNAS secretariat), Dr Bro Sheffield-Brotherton (environmental), Dr Marion Healy (NICNAS, Chair), Ms Pamela Grassick (worker health and safety).