Reforms to hard surface disinfectant regulation, as recommended by the Australian Governments Taskforce on Reducing the Regulatory Burden on Business, continued as a cross-agency project with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

A consultants report on proposed changes to regulation of disinfectants was commissioned by NICNAS and released for public comment in February 2008.

The consultant recommended that regulatory responsibility for hard surface disinfectants and sanitisers used in low risk applications, such as household and commercial use, be transferred from the Therapeutic Goods Administration to NICNAS.

High-grade applications, such as industrial grade disinfectants, are proposed to remain regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Stakeholder meetings were held in Sydney and Melbourne after the consultants report was released.

After consideration of all public comments and submissions, the Governments response to the consultants report and options for implementation will be published during 2008-09 for further, final, consultations.