In the reporting period, 129 chemicals fell due for the AICS listing because the five-year period following issuance of new chemicals certificates for them had expired. Notifiers sought listing for 15 in the confidential section of the AICS.

In considering a request for confidential listing, NICNASs Director must weigh commercial against public interest. NICNASs Technical Advisory Group provides advice to the Director on this process (see Appendix 18).

Of the 15 applications, 11 were granted confidential listing by the Director, public listing was decided for two, while a further two applications are still under review pending receipt of further information from the applicants.

Outcomes of decisions for confidential listing on the AICS over three years

Public Confidential Pending*

2005-06 1 25 7

2006-07 4 16 4

2007-08 2 11 2

* Decisions pending in one year are generally finalised in the following year.