NICNAS contributed to Australia's delegation to the OECD Joint Meeting of the Chemicals Committee and the Working Party of Chemicals, Pesticides and Biotechnology (the Joint Committee). This meeting is recognised as the key mechanism for international work sharing and harmonisation of requirements for chemicals, including industrial chemicals. It provides direction to the subsidiary task forces and working parties.

At the 42nd Joint meeting, there was further progress on developing approaches for the next survey of the use of perfluorinated chemicals and direction was provided to the steering group for this project. The meeting also considered projects developed by the Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials and the progression of testing programs for these types of chemicals.

Several risk assessment approaches and tools were progressed that are important to NICNAS's continuous improvement to the risk assessment function. These include the integration of the various testing and assessment methodologies that are currently available, as well as the structure/ function modeling technique.

Future arrangements for the Existing and New Chemicals task forces were also considered. The decision on these arrangements is of particular importance to NICNAS as it takes advantage of the work sharing arrangements under both task forces.

A complete listing of NICNAS's involvements with the OECD can be found in Appendix 13.