The Department of Health and Ageings Portfolio Budget Statement 2007-08 outlines performance information used for accounting against NICNAS outputs.

The following tables provide performance information against NICNAS's outputs and a consolidated, itemised summary of NICNASs outputs and resources.

NICNAS performance information against outputs

Indicator: Timeliness of evaluations and appeals of decisions on an application relating to industrial chemicals.

Measured by: Evaluations and appeals of decisions made within legislated timeframes, where applicable.

Reference Point or Target: 100% of evaluations are made within legislated timeframes; 100% of appeals of decisions are considered within legislated timeframes.

Indicator: High level of compliance with the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989.

Measured by: Breaches of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 are investigated and appropriate action taken.

Reference Point or Target: Reports of alleged breaches are assessed within 10 working days and appropriate response initiated.

Indicator: Consultation with stakeholders on regulatory change in relation to industrial chemicals.

Measured by: Timeliness and thoroughness of consultation.

Reference Point or Target: Stakeholders affected by regulatory change are effectively consulted.

Indicator: International relationships facilitate cooperation and harmonisation in the implementation of regulatory controls for industrial chemicals.

Measured by: a) Cooperative arrangements in place with key international regulatory agencies; and b) participation in key international forums.

Reference Point or Target: High degree of cooperation with key international regulatory agencies.

NICNAS outputs and resources a consolidated summary

Team Sample of outputs Number Resource $000


New Chemicalsteam

Certificate applications received 178 2,550

Certificates issued 197

Permit applications received 110

Permits issued 122

Percentage of non self-assessedcertificate assessments on time 96%

MSDSs and labels assessed (approx) 280

Reform implementation various*

Existing Chemicalsteam

Chemicals under assessment 31 2,457

PECs declared for assessment(includes secondary notifications) 1

Screening/other assessmentscommenced 13

Assessment modules completed(PEC and screening/other) 22

Assessments completed(PEC and screening/other) 13

Chemicals subject topost-assessment activity 2

Applications made toAdministrative Appeals Tribunal 0

Complianceand Reportingteam

Tier 1 Registrants 3,970 1,357

Tier 2 Registrants 790

Tier 3 Registrants 323

New cases 46

Cases closed 50

Immediate AICS listing 29

AICS chemicals searches 821

BusinessManagement andCommunication team

Parliamentary service briefs 24 1,008

Enquiries phone 2,687

Enquiries written 4,026

Website hits 26.2 m

Website visitors 1.3 m

Reform team New LRCC reforms implemented 3 597

Existing Chemicals Review (ECR)recommendations implemented 1

ECR recommendations commenced 7

External Projects 136

Total 8,105

*This includes implementation of Recognition of Canada as a Foreign Scheme, the introduction of the Cosmetic Standard, and the forthcoming LRCC reforms to be finalised in 2008-09